There Is No Template For Adoptions

Step-parent adoptions are very common, yet there are many laws and requirements to be met before an adoption can be approved by the court. Not everyone can adopt a child. So, who qualifies? Answering this question well requires decades of experience. Clark R. Ward has over three decades of expertise with family law, which includes all aspects of adoption. We urge you to engage the legal services of Mr. Ward if you are involved in an adoption process, because we desire that you obtain the best possible outcome.

For an adoption to go forward, both the natural father and mother must relinquish their parental rights, or have their parental rights terminated by the court. In some situations, a parent who has relinquished their rights may still be granted certain privileges, such as having a visitation schedule for their child. These matters, among many others, can be decided in various ways. As mentioned before, the court system is one avenue. Other options, like mediation, exist to help settle cases outside of court. Calling on Mr. Ward means working with an attorney whose areas of practice include the full range of these options.

Adoption Solutions

Clark Ward can guide you through the road map of what you must do to adopt a child. Because each adoption case is unique, this road map will almost certainly have turns and dead-ends that you might not expect. Hiring Mr. Ward to handle your case means that your legal counsel is prepared to navigate through the most difficult aspects of adoption.

An important point of clarification is that Mr. Ward does not place children with adoptive parents, nor is he a resource for finding children to adopt. When a qualified person has a child that can be adopted, Mr. Ward can then represent the adopting party before the court.

Please inquire if you have questions concerning other aspects of adoption law not discussed here. Adoption, like any other case involving the custody of a child, is far too complex to be fully presented on this site. Initial phone consultations are free, so please do call if you have a need.