Protect Yourself In These Complex Life Decisions

Mr. Ward’s extensive experience allows him to effectively advocate for you in many family law situations. Contact us if any of the categories below apply to you, or if you have questions regarding other areas of family law.

Paternity (Unwed Parents)

  • Custody, child support, and visitation rights.



  • Advance preparation and consultation to help you know your rights before you negotiate. If your case is contested, it’s mandatory. Don’t go into court (or any negotiation) blindfolded. Take advantage of Mr. Ward’s experience and knowledge of the law, then decide. The old saying is true: “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.”


Consultation and Advice

  • Perhaps you just need to know your options, your rights, or need help with planning. If a family law issue is on your horizon, planning ahead can give you a huge advantage and save money, time and stress.


Online Divorce Packet Assistance

  • For simple, uncontested cases we can walk you through the many court forms involved. Even an innocent mistake can cost you a great deal later.
  • We can often help with “do it yourself divorce” programs for a flat fee. You may be able to handle the basics of a divorce on your own, but calling us for a final review is crucial. As always, a small misstep can have enormous consequences.
  • If you need assistance in the areas listed above, or any other matter related to family law. Please call our office at your earliest convenience.



  • Step-parent and private adoptions.
  • Modification of court orders.
  • Counsel and representation when things have changed or need to be updated. (For example, new child support calculations came into effect on January 1, 2008.)


General Aspects of Family Law

  • Representation during court appearances.
  • Document preparation involving child custody, visitation rights, enforcement of court orders, financial issues (including child support and alimony), property division, and restraining orders. Even a small documentation error can have a large impact on your case. Calling us helps you avoid those errors.
  • Simple, uncontested cases – you have a complete agreement on everything, but need help to finalize the divorce. Again, a small mistake or missed detail – even in an uncontested case – can be very costly in the long run.