Children Deserve Caring Counsel

When unwed parents seek custody or visitation rights to their minor child, a paternity case is filed. Paternity cases require the same level of expertise and care as any other area of family law. For this reason, you should choose Clark R. Ward to handle your case. Since 1981, Mr. Ward has been a full-time provider of legal services related to family law. His extensive experience in these matters makes him tremendously prepared to advocate for your case.

Paternity cases, as well as divorce, share the same rules

Sole and shared custody

Time Sharing/Visitation Schedules

Dependent Status For Tax Purposes

Child Support

Shared Health and Child Care Costs

Paternity cases do not include a division of assets or debts. An unwed parent should, however, obtain legal advice to see if a common law marriage exists which would include a division of assets and debts. The ultimate aim is to seek the best outcome possible for the child. Just as in divorce or adoption, Mr. Ward provides sensitive, yet bold representation for the needs of your loved ones.

Children Deserve Caring Counsel

Paternity cases need not be bruising, acrimonious contests. In some situations, the involvement of a competent and experienced attorney can produce such results as (essentially) voluntary declarations of paternity. Mr. Ward has an impressive rate of out-of-court settlements. Settling paternity without adversarial proceedings can save significant costs of money, time, and emotional stress.

If you are going into a mediation process concerning paternity, it is to your advantage to engage the legal services of Clark R. Ward. Mediation can sometimes be a complex process, where seemingly small concessions may result in an unfavorable situation for your child and yourself. Seeking the advice of Mr. Ward can help you to enter into mediation with an attitude of both fairness and vigilance.

Please inquire if you have questions concerning other aspects of paternity law not listed here. Paternity cases can be very complex, and you will make better decisions if you are better informed. There’s a reason that Mr. Clark’s slogan is “Accurate information for accurate decisions.”