A Personal Point Of View On Families And Law

Clark R. Ward selectively accepts speaking, panel and moderator invitations on his areas of expertise in family law and related issues, particularly those unique to Utah. If you would like Mr. Ward to speak at your event, please contact us. Mr. Ward will be very pleased to determine whether he is a good fit for your occasion.

As a stepfather and only son in a large, extended family, Mr. Ward has deep personal insight into the spectrum of family experience and the law. His wide-ranging personal and professional knowledge covers these areas, among others:




Mediation in Family Law Cases

Mr. Ward’s decades of practice make him an excellent speaker for situations requiring academic commentary, opinions on family law legislation, or conferences for legal professionals. Mr. Ward’s versatility in his legal services for family law makes him just as versatile a speaker. With a long track record, he is poised to be an authoritative voice at your event.

Feel free to contact us, as inquiries are always welcome. We do recommend calling during our usual Monday – Friday business hours (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) for greater convenience and faster response.


In the matter of helping people become more educated on issues related to family law, Mr. Ward is also an excellent choice.

Mr. Ward’s experience in paternity cases may be of special interest to young adults. Unwed parenting has become a fact of modern life, and young people need to be well informed of their rights and responsibilities as parents.

Interest in adoption covers all demographics. From young women to grandfathers, it is possible for almost anyone to be touched by adoption law. Mr. Ward has a wealth of knowledge to impart on adoption cases.

Issues related to divorce are also relevant to men, women, and even some children. Divorce is an enormous life-event, yet it is not always understood very well. Better community understanding can cause divorce to be far less fearful, and may even lead to people to reconsider entering into divorce proceedings at all.

Clark R. Ward’s extensive history of out-of-court settlements makes him particularly suited to speak regarding how family law issues can be resolved without a trial. Especially since Utah law now requires mediation in all family law cases that are in dispute, the need for commentary regarding out-of-court legal proceedings is growing.