Helping you to think clearly at a difficult time

At a time when you need to think most clearly, you may not be able to do so without competent help from an attorney. Deep emotions are stirred when faced with one of life’s most difficult challenges: “What’s going to happen to me?” “Will I be okay when this is over?” “How long does it take?” “What will it cost?”

These are very common questions, among many others, in family law cases. When you engage Clark R. Ward as your legal counsel, you are taking a decisive step in ensuring that the answers to these questions are favorable to you. It is in your best interest of you and your family to obtain Mr. Ward’s services as soon as possible.

Since 1981, Clark R. Ward has specialized in family law cases. He has represented men’s, women’s, and children’s interests in hundreds of cases and settings.

A general breakdown of Clark Ward’s expertise includes the ff.


Preparative Counsel for Family Law Mediation



No attorney can, or should, guarantee an outcome. While many cases are similar, your case is unique. That is because it is your case. It is your life.

As an experienced attorney and counselor at law, Mr. Ward can advise you and assist you in making lifelong decisions, or he can provide legal representation when necessary. Mr. Ward is often able to bring cases to a settlement out-of-court. However, when a trial is necessary, Mr. Ward has the experience to effectively argue your side.

Family law issues include many areas of the law that impact people’s lives. Mr. Ward has spent a career building an understanding of how family law interacts with other, more general aspects of the law. This understanding is crucial. A thorough grasp of how family law is impacted by other laws can open various avenues to resolving your case favorably.

Please inquire if you have questions concerning other aspects of family law not listed here. Especially in cases involving child custody, child support, or alimony, there are many details involved with which you should familiarize yourself. As Mr. Ward would say: “Accurate information for accurate decisions.”

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